Herbal infusions e.g. peppermint, chamomile and fennel in Europe and mountain tea or tulsi in Asia have already been used for centuries to satisfy thirst or cure smaller and larger complaints. Beside these classical, pure herbs there is also a large variety of mixtures, which - like ayurvedic teas - contain next to herbs also spices such as cinnamon, ginger and pepper.

Mate / Lapacho (Pau d'Arc)
Mate tea is considered as South America`s national beverage which traditionally is drunk with a straw with filter (Bombilla) from an excavated pumpkin (Kalabasse). The tea is made from the leaves of an Ilex kind and contains very much caffeine. Therefore it was already been used by the natives for the suppression of hunger and tiredness. The infusion is greenish brown and quite harsh in taste. Lapacho tea (Pau d'Arc) is won from the bark of a tree and contains many minerals why it is said to have many health promoting effects. The infusion is brownish and has a harsh, lightly bitter taste.